HCA Boys revealing their true nature…

It has been a long few days of recovery for us as the PTF team. We find ourselves at the back of an amazing Experience weekend which ended this last Monday. To say it was a successful time would be a gross underestimation.

6 Boys from Hillcrest Chirstian Academy, with their Dads attended the Passed Thru Fire Experience in the bush with us. 6 Boys came out somewhat changed, revealing within themselves a new young man that is emerging. I can say that it was a proud moment for Dads and families alike. It reminded me that there is indeed hope for the future of men, especially with young men of this calibre emerging within our own society and communities.

I will however say that all Glory be to God for He is Good, and may we not forget to honour the Moms in this whom have raised these boys and had a major influend in who they are becoming. WELL DONE!

We have been blessed and look forward to the next group of HCA boys in April.TeamPhoto

Thank you goes out ot the Team for their efforts, and a big thanks to boys and dads alike for allowing us into their lives for this time.


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