Our Core Values 


Life dictates many truths, many of them false truths. The only certain truth is the word of God breathed to life through the bible. Man is called to stand firm in this truth and the good news it brings, understanding that God alone guides his life.


None of what we do will please God unless it is by nature done in love. God looks at our hearts, not at our actions or deeds for they are like “filthy rags” to Him. We seek to be men “after God’s own heart”. We seek to be men who are King, Priest and Prophet to and in our Family.


We as males are called to “be men” and accordingly behave and walk ahead as men. (Walks like a duck, talks like a duck – must be a duck; men are called to lead by example) One of the greatest attributes of a Godly man is Courage; it is in our godly nature to walk in our calling with courage.

About Us

Heartland was born out of a desire to see the masculine heart restored to the body of Christ… to the Community. Heartland is not a ministry, but more a vehicle to express a way of life… to men, and those seeking true manhood… It is not evangelistic in nature, but is Christ Centered.

For males, being male is mandatory, but being a man is a choice. We do not profess to know it all or have the definitive answers. We do however believe that through encouraging men, and boys, into an intimate direct relationship with God through Jesus Christ, we can provide good, Biblical based road-maps to true Godly masculinity.